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school management system

One of the easiest school management systems out in the market. If you still have queries, we run weekly webinars!

Teacher hiring

Teachers are the life blood of any school but it's often a struggle in most affordable schools. We provide a platform that helps connect qualified teachers for your school.

Infra support

We help get the basic infrastructure like lighting, cameras etc in place to ensure the school runs more efficiently.

pedagogy support

Linked with out school management system, we help you implement the best teaching practices that ensure that students understand and retain better and also have fun while learning.

Some of our partner schools

Eklavya Trust


Gurukool kids




My Angels



Take a look at our School Management Platform

Summary Dashboard

Curriculum details

Class Delivery page with Reference content

Online Tests

Student Performance



Syllabus Manager

Fee Manager

Fee Reminder

Product Features

School Dashboard

Class module

Topic Tracker

Question Bank

Test Builder

Online Tests

Result Upload

Leader board

Student Profile

Student Surveys

Inventory Management



Teacher Management

Syllabus Management


Reference Content

Expense tracking

Fee Management

Time table Management

School Calendar

Student Tags

Online Classes

Homework Management

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